Professor McCabe Brings Jesus To Lehman

By J. Manuel Rivera Cortes

“Jesus Hopped the A Train” rolled into Lehman Oct. 17 thru 20, directed by veteran actor and assistant professor, Jennifer McCabe.  “As a director I get everything from my actors,” she said. “I am 100 percent an actor’s director.”  Having […]

Things I Don’t Say At Work

By Mariah Dwyer on 10/30/17

Day And Night Runner: Lehman Alum Hustles For Acting Career

By Jean Carlos Soto on 10/30/17

Lehman alumnus Angel Dillemuth ’06 may not share the fate of the many gun-toting “thug” characters he plays, but the Bronx native has pursued acting with the spirit of a hustler. “It really is a grind,” he says, sporting a black graphic T-shirt that [...]

Faith Directs Her Way Onto Lehman Stage

By Leonel Henriquez on 10/30/17

Macaulay Honors College junior, Faith D’Erasmo, is wasting no time growing into her craft, and pushing its boundaries while she’s at it. The 20-year-old theatre major made her directorial debut July 21-23 at Lehman’s Studio Theatre with a production [...]

Fight For Our Sake: A Letter To My Middle School Self

By Melanie I. Hernandez on 04/02/17

Dear Melanie, Your innocence will be completely lost by the time you enter high school. You cannot change this, so just let it happen. Your surroundings will alter, but you will not learn from them. Out of fear, you will let these surroundings manipulate [...]

What I Would Tell My Younger Self

By Zayna Palmer on 04/02/17

Zayna, You are a smart girl, born and raised in the Bronx. It is fine that you keep many things to yourself and are an introvert, because it shows that you’re comfortable with your own company. You are [...]

A Letter To A Naïve Boy

By Jarol Rivera-Diaz on 04/02/17

Dear Jarol, Hola! Rather, Hello. I am me, yourself. A new and older you, to be exact. You might not be able to read this letter just yet. You are still seventeen, naïve, and monolingual. Do not worry, you will learn [...]

A Letter To My Younger Self

By Margarete Rodriguez on 04/01/17

Dear young Margarete, You will become the person you never thought you could be: confident, strong-willed, outgoing, magnificent, and fearless. You will actually be happy, to the point where you [...]