Lehman's Underground Tunnels Intrigue Students

By Allen Mena

The tunnels beneath Lehman College have withstood close to nine decades to transform the way people navigate the campus terrain. Built in 1931 during construction of what was then the Hunter College Bronx campus, the tunnels extend for a length of 1230 linear feet, or 0.23 miles. They connect […]

Students Weigh In On Lehman’s Financial Aid System

By Allen Mena

Despite Lehman’s relatively low-cost tuition of under $10,000, most Lehman students still rely on financial aid and have mixed feelings about their experiences with the office of distribution. A majority of students receive financial aid; around 85 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Education […]

Lehman Has the Only Virtual Reality Academy in CUNY and the Bronx

By Deanna Garcia

Lehman College remains the only CUNY to house the Virtual Reality Academy and has been offering training programs since 2017 at its offsite Bronx location called CUNY on the Concourse (COTC) […]

Lehman Freshmen Take Second Semester In Stride

By Alexandra Cardenas

“College didn’t really end up being what I thought it would be. I guess I expected it to be like the movies,” said freshman Richard Castillo of his first semester at Lehman. As he and other first-year students reflected […]

Lehman Women Are Innovating Tech

By Lysa Vanible

Lehman women are embarking on new technology projects and engaging in courses that challenge the status quo in the computer and data science fields. “There’s not a lot of women in technology right now, but it is gradually […]

‘Surviving R. Kelly’: Lehman Students Call For Justice

By Brittany Aufiero

In the aftermath of the #MeToo movement survivors of sexual abuse are stepping forward now more than ever to shed light on their experiences and to advocate for justice against their assailants. Recently, singer R. Kelly […]

Lehman Students Protest Proposed MTA Fare Hike

By Felicha Stevens

The MTA could potentially increase the current $2.75 bus and subway fare to $3.00 in March 2019. CUNY students, community members, local riders and transit workers spoke out against the hike at numerous town hall […]

‘Blunt Talk’ Sparks Conversation On Marijuana Use Among CUNY Students

By Thairy Pontier Lantigua

“Marijuana doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me more functional and creative. I am passing all my classes with As and it puts me in a good mood,” said Lehman student Jenny Soto, 56, who smokes marijuana and denies […]

Lehman Counseling Center Increases Campus Presence With Group Initiatives

By Kathryn Fornier

This semester, Lehman’s Counseling Center has opened its doors to a wide variety of student groups and workshops in an effort to build a safe, supportive space for students. Currently, there are 11 groups at the Counseling Center targeting […]

Is Dining Dollars A Wise Investment?

By J. Manuel Rivera Cortes

Lehman’s Dining Dollars, a system first implemented in the fall of 2016, offers students tax-free meals and 5 percent back for every $50 they deposit. The program has the potential to help alleviate the financial burden that many Lehman […]

Jesus Hopped The A Train Wows Audience

By J. Manuel Rivera Cortes

“Jesus Hopped the A Train” opened in the Studio Theatre Oct. 17. The production received a standing ovation once the curtain fell.  The contemporary play was written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, who has been part of the New York theatre […]

New App Means No More Lines For Lehman Students

By Shaiann Frazier

A new app, LehmanQ, has made it easier for students to access the IT Center and the Financial Aid office this fall. LehmanQ is a mobile scheduling tool that allows students to avoid the hassle of long lines beyond making online […]

Lehman Women Embrace Natural Hair

By Kimberllee Mendez

“A lot of people inspired me to go natural,” explained Bre’Ann Newsome, a junior at Lehman, on her choice to wear her natural hair.  “I had this friend who had a much looser curl pattern and she stopped straightening her hair,” Newsome […]

Lehman Student Wins Fight Against Cancer

By Kimberllee Mendez

“You feel like the world is coming to an end,” recalled Lehman psychology major Elvia Reyes, of the day a doctor told her she had breast cancer. On average in the U.S., according to, 12 percent of women, or 1 in 8, will […]

Lehman’s First Singles Mixer Draws Enthusiastic Crowd

By Shaiann Frazier

The line leading into the Faculty Dining Hall of the Music Building stretched around the hallway  as students waited with curious faces, hesitant smiles, and much excitement for the Singles Mixer Event to begin on Wednesday [...]

Spring Break Service Trip Broadens Student’s Horizons

By Shaiann Frazier

“I’m more appreciative of the small things I took for granted. This experience humbled me,” reflected Shanel Spence, 22, a biology major and Lehman senior on her seven-day trip to Nicaragua. Born and raised in the Bronx [...]

Lehman Women See Their Dreams Through

By Kimberllee Mendez

Since she was five, Lehman senior Jennifer Ramirez’s dream has been “to have a career in music. It’s always been something that I hold close to my heart and soul, because I love it so much. It’s when I can put out all my [...]

Nine Apps To Help You Ace Student Life

By Deirra Francis Stevenson on 2/28/18

In just seven years, access to digital devices has risen substantially, with 77 percent of Americans using smart phones in 2017, according to a Pew Research Center report, up from just 35 percent in 2011. Smartphone use is nearly [...]

Lehman Students Find Self-Expression In Bold Hair Colors

By Deirdre Fanzo on 2/28/18

Dyed hair and the positive feedback it draws from others can greatly increase people’s confidence and self-esteem, argues Masey White in USA Today College. While a conservative viewpoint might tie colorful hair to a lack of professionalism [...]

For Lehman Students, Plastic Is The New Christmas Green

By Leah Liceaga on 1/31/18

“To me you’re taking away from nature every time you cut down one of those trees just to have it in your home, or anywhere else,” Christine Auiles, a Lehman English major, explained of her choice to get an artificial tree for Christmas. “They last [...]

Having Her Cake And Eating It Too: A Black Entrepreneur’s Path To Success

By Zayna Palmer on 11/30/17

“My grandma used to always bake, she would make cakes and create different kinds of designs. I thought this was fabulous and it inspired me to bake as well,” recalls 35-year-old Luquana McGriff, now CEO of her own company [...]

A New Conversation About An Old Problem: Lehman Students Push Back Against Sexual Harassment

By Shaiann Frazier on 11/30/17

“Catcalling makes you question your worth,” said Kuiana Prince, 23, a senior and multimedia performing arts major. Catcallers, she said, should “Try a different approach in going about it instead of going after a lady or [...]

Lehman Students Hack Their Way Toward Success

By Zayna Palmer on 11/30/17

“We want to hire CUNY grads and undergrads to become full-time interns or employees in the near future,” said Buzzfeed Tech Recruiter Nicolette Nelson, 29. Buzzfeed is just one of the prospective employers that came to [...]

Lehman Students Challenge Colorism In The Entertainment Industry

By Deirra Francis on 11/30/17

Colorism limits opportunities for women of color in film and TV, and Lehman students won’t stand for it. “Roles for younger women of lighter skin tone typecast [them] as this sex symbol,” Lehman student, filmmaker and [...]

Most Lehman Students Back #TakeaKnee, But Some Call Disrespect

By Jorel Lonesome on 10/30/17

On Sept. 1, 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem before a preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, instead choosing to kneel. Following this, NFL protests gradually [...]

Lehman Students Favor Costumes That Go Against Predicted Trends

By Leah Liceaga on 10/30/17

This Halloween, some Lehman students have different---and grimmer---costumes in mind than those trending nationally. Biology major Francisco Aquino Ramirez, for instance, said that while his favorite costume from past Halloweens is [...]

Starfinder: An Updated Pathfinder For The Stars

By Juan Vasquez on 10/30/17

Published on Aug. 17, Starfinder is the latest, long-awaited role-playing game from Paizo Publishing. It mixes pulp-style fantasy and derring-do sci-fi. Think “Star Wars” with more fantasy influences. Perhaps the game’s greatest [...]

Students Co-Found Intersectional Feminist Club

By Angel Mindanao on 09/22/17

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, the Intersectional Feminist Club (IFC) made its first appearance at Lehman’s annual Fall Semester Kick-Off!, hosted by the Office of Community Engagement. Pink pins and stickers from [...]

From Chicago To The Bronx: Campus Socialists Raise Students’ Political Consciousness

By Zoe Fanzo on 09/22/17

Lehman’s International Socialist Organization (ISO) is promoting leftist politics on campus, with plans to hold radical discussions every other week building on a summer trip that deepened students’ political [...]

Money And Location Keep Bronxites Out Of Gyms

By Jorel Lonesome on 09/22/17

The Bronx could be in better shape, and Lehman students know it. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in 2015, nearly 98 percent of Bronx residents had access to exercise---but the borough’s adult obesity rate [...]

New Tennis Coach Moves From Player To Staff

By Ashley Francis on 04/02/17

Lehman’s new assistant tennis coach, Gene Nakagaki, has come a long way since his senior year at Eastchester High School when he was unsure where tennis would take him. Then his high school coach, Tim Otoshi, encouraged [...]

New Coach Aims To Turn Around Lehman Softball Slump

By Ashley Francis on 04/02/17

This season hasn’t been a walk in the park for the women’s softball team. With new players and a coach in her first year, the Lightning have a lot of potential obstacles to overcome if they’re to make it through. In the [...]

New Muppet Julia Raises Autism Awareness

By Leonel Henriquez on 04/02/17

On April 10, a new red-haired muppet named Julia made her debut on Sesame Street. Although she is just four years old, it took PBS and Sesame Street over five years to create her, in consultation with more than [...]

Lehman Student Wins Prestigious Watson Fellowship

By Mairin Cahill on 04/02/17

Lehman freshman Victoria Smith won a Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship this April. The fellowship gives freshmen and sophomores selected from 12 partner institutions in New York City access to a rigorous program intended [...]

Lehman Alum Addresses Hood Education

By Leonel Henriquez on 04/02/17

At the New York City Writing Project’s (NYCWP) 19th annual Teacher-to- Teacher conference, held at Lehman on March 18, its keynote address was delivered by Dr. Christopher Emdin, a Lehman alumnus and author [...]

How Lehman Students Cope Without Mom On Mother’s Day

By Keidy Gómez on 04/02/17

Mother’s Day presents a special challenge for Lehman students who can’t always celebrate the holiday with their mothers. These students have to struggle to fill the void of her absence and recreate the bond they miss. In doing so, though, they [...]

Lehman Students Want An Updated Canon

By Shivani Boodhoo on 04/02/17

The English canon, or books considered to be classics, consists mainly of books written by dead white European men. To this set of classics a few writers of color have been added. In 2017, in a globalized world full of [...]