Devastation From Climate Change Leads To Protest

By Zarin Saddiqua

“Climate change won’t discriminate against religion, politics, race, or age,” said Danysha Reyes, a junior English and philosophy major at Lehman, who joined the New York global climate strike with other CUNY students and local residents on Sept. 20, 2019 […]

Online Platforms Are Changing Advocacy Movements

By Mayte Peña

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not only used to post vacation photos; they are now major platforms that prioritize social issues. Social media has changed the way activism works today for millions of users around the world, including many Lehmanites […]

Bronx’s University Avenue To Be Named After Legendary Artist Stan Lee

By Sally Barrilla

Bronx residents around University Avenue should expect to pass by the “Stan Lee Way” in the spring of next year. The street’s name change, which will cover the section between Brandt Place and West 176th St. in University Heights, was proposed by Bronx Councilmember Fernando Cabrera and accepted […]

Lehmanites Urgently Want Better Gun Control

By Zarin Siddiqua

August’s series of alleged hate-crime shootings have left Lehman students feeling sadness and panic about lack of adequate gun control. Most recently, on Aug.31, sevenpeople were killed and many injured by a shooter in Odessa, Texas […]

Lehman’s Chemistry Department Recognized For Successful Pre-Med Program

By Beauty Kolade

Lehman’s pre-med program was recently ranked 16th out of the 20 best pre-med college programs, according to Lehman was the only CUNY school featured in these rankings, as published on Jan. 9, and […]

NYC’s Proposed Financial Plans Put More Costs On CUNY Students

By Felicha C. Stevens

While New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ten-year plan for the city, FY20, makes big promises about greater affordability, his 2020 budget proposal calls for large funding cuts to city agencies including CUNY, Citywide Administrative Services […]

For Lehman Students, Higher Minimum Wage Means Cuts In Hours

By Juan A. Santos

“Superiors decided to cut personnel by keeping 3 out of 4 employees who will now have to work more,” said Lehman sophomore Ahsanul Hague, when asked how the recent rise in New York State’s minimum wage impacted […]

As Demand Grows, Lehman’s Supply Of Parking Spaces Gets Scarcer

By Deanna Garcia

Over the last five years, Lehman’s enrollment has increased from 12,398 to the current total of 14,787 students, according to its Department of Institutional Advancement, and yet the college’s parking lot remains […]

Trump’s Emergency Declaration Upsets Lehman Students

By J. Manuel Rivera Cortes

“Isn’t that unconstitutional?” asked Lehman sophomore and psychology major, Ana Gomez, about President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on Feb. 15.  During his speech that day at the White House Rose Garden, the […]

NY’s Tuition-Free Program Has Not Relieved CUNY Students’ Financial Burden

By Perla Tolentino

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the Excelsior Scholarship two years ago to much fanfare as a program promising tuition liberation to all N.Y. four-year colleges. But while Cuomo’s big offer was said to be […]

Former President Bush’s Passing Signals End Of An Era

By J. Manuel Rivera Cortes

“The man served his country for over 40 years. He wasn’t the best president, but he served our country well,” said sophomore Orlando Green, a sociology major, regarding the passing of President George Herbert Walker Bush. On […]

CUNY $6M Grant Will Help Revamp Lehman’s Child Care Center

By Perla Tolentino

The U.S. Department of Education awarded CUNY a $6 million grant exclusively for child care centers. Lehman, Brooklyn, Baruch, Bronx Community, Kingsborough, and LaGuardia colleges were announced as recipients of the […]

Lehman Soccer Regroups After Playoffs Loss

By Emmet O’Boy

After three long months, Lehman’s men’s soccer season ended at the semifinals of the City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC) playoffs. After winning the playoffs two years in a row, “this loss was especially […]

Bullet Shatters Glass In Carman Hall

By J. Manuel Rivera Cortes

On Oct. 23, Professor Amod Choudhury discovered a bullet in his office in Carman Hall. “I was on a phone call with the Dean’s office when I noticed a copper-like bullet on the ground near the window,” said Choudhary. Upon further […]

Train Dysfunction Frustrates Lehmanites And Local Riders

By Perla Tolentino

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) transports more than 5.6 million New Yorkers on a daily basis. But recently, despite official pledges to improve the system, Lehman students and many other riders suffer the […]

Journalists Offer Advice To Lehman’s Aspiring Journalists

By Hector Bello

Tell new stories and be unstoppable -- this was some of the advice that three MSNBC journalists had for Lehman students hoping to work in media. Daniela Pierre-Bravo, Devyn Rafols-Nuñez, Lauren Coffelt and Leonor Ayala […]

CCNY Campus Goes On Lockdown After Another High School Shooter Scare

By Emmet O’Boy

On the afternoon of Oct. 18, students and residents of the CUNY City College of New York (CCNY)  Towers were told via email to stay indoors after students at the adjacent A. Randolph High School reported a possible […]

Dreamers Persist Against Threat Of DACA Termination

By Perla Tolentino

Trump’s attempt to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, has yet to reach a solution either in Congress or the nation’s courts. On Oct. 17, according to the AP, the Justice Department informed the […]

Lehman Students Fear Their Rent Will Triple If HUD Bill Passes

By Juan Vasquez

A new bill from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calls for a threefold increase in rent for Americans least able to pay. Ben Carson, the Secretary of HUD, presented the bill on April 25. If passed, it will [...]

Locals Fear New Kingsbridge Development Spells Gentrification

By Perla Tolentino

Kingsbridge residents see a construction site at Jerome Ave and West 196th Street as one more sign of encroaching gentrification. According to a January article in The Real Deal New York Real Estate News, the project’s mastermind, Alan [...]

Lehman Food Bank Expands From Energy Bars To Seven Tons Of Food

By Leonel Henriquez

“To be clear, this is Suzette’s baby,” says Assistant Director of Campus Life (CL) David Charcape of CL’s Associate Director Suzette Ramsundar. The program Ramsundar fostered is the Lehman Food Bank. “She has [...]

Bronx Residents And Lehman Students Criticize Kanye’s Pro-Trump Tweets

By Jorel Lonesome

“People viewed Kanye West as an outspoken visionary who rapped about racial issues in his songs, but he has done a complete three-sixty and turned into an ignorant sell out,” says Qianna Stratton, 30, Bronx resident [...]

Governor Hopeful Cynthia Nixon Tackles NYCHA

By Andrea Nieves

Along with calling for functional healthcare, justice and transit systems, New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is taking on the city’s housing authority. For Lehman students who have endured harsh conditions in public [...]

Nixon For Governor? Lehman Students Are On The Fence

By Shaiann Frazier

“The only words in my head are not again,” said Jason Nieves, 27, a Lehman business major. He explained, “it’s not because she is a female, it’s because she is a celebrity. Nixon can have all the qualifications, but it’s the [...]

Target’s Self-Checkout System Frustrates Workers And Customers

By Perla Tolentino

The Marble Hill Target on 225th street in the Bronx recently introduced new self-checkout registers to improve customers’ shopping experience, but the changeover has disappointed many workers and local shoppers. Their [...]

Bronx Residents Oppose FCC’s Eradication Of Net Neutrality

By Jorel Lonesome on 4/30/18

Along with politicians, activists and tech companies, many Bronx residents oppose the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) ruling on December 14, 2017 to discard net neutrality, which demands that ISPs treat all web [...]

Student-Led Celebration Praises A Fuller Spectrum Of Black History

By Genesis Ramos on 3/31/18

In celebration of Black History Month, an event called “Lift Every Voice: A Celebration of the Black Diaspora” was held on Feb. 21 in room 222 of the Student Life Building. The discussion expanded the popular conception of black history [...]

Student Government Considers Costly Event

By Hector Bello on 3/31/18

The Student Government Association (SGA) is deliberating whether they should spend $17,000 of their $30,000 budget on a concert. This appears to be the latest of a series of initiatives on which the SGA has been working during [...]

Student Panel Shines At Second Annual Activism Symposium

By Deirdre Fanzo on 3/31/18

Lucero Luna Miranda, an undocumented student at Lehman, told her audience that she is not afraid to be herself—not anymore. Miranda was one of four Lehman students who interwove personal narrative with academic writing and research [...]

Bronxites Fear New Ice Rink Will Cause Meltdown

By Perla Tolentino on 3/31/18

After more than five years of discussions, the monumental Kingsbridge Armory will soon be drastically transformed, and many locals worry they will be on the losing end of the deal. Built in 1910, the Eighth Regiment Armory has not been [...]

Bronxites Tackle Discrimination In XFL Revival

By Jorel Lonesome on 2/28/18

Vince McMahon is relaunching his ill-fated Xtreme Football League (XFL), and many Bronx residents object to its new discriminatory rules and what some see as McMahon taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook.  “I think this [...]

MTA Moves Lehman Students At A Snail’s Pace—At Best

By Hector Bello on 2/28/18

Lehman students have not seen any relief in subway delays and service suspensions, despite an MTA announcement in July of 2017 that promised improvements. This hits many Lehman students hard, as the MTA’s dysfunction [...]

Parkland Shooting Leaves Lehman Students Doubting Campus Safety

By Hector Bello on 2/28/18

“If it can happen in Florida, then it can happen over here in any college in New York too,” said Lehman Biology major Carelitza Fernandez about the shooting in Parkland Florida. Fernandez explained that her fear increased following [...]

Lehman Students Denounce Lack Of DACA Deal

By Shaiann Frazier on 2/28/18

Nearly two weeks after the Trump administration’s legislative deadline passed, the future of over 700,000 immigrants remains in limbo, and Lehman students continue to demand their renewed protection under legislation known [...]

Lehman College Mourns The Loss Of Yoryi Dume

By Deirdre Fanzo on 2/28/18

On the afternoon of Jan. 31st, Joseph Magdaleno notified the Lehman community via email that Yoryi Dume, a senior at Lehman, had passed away over the winter break. The email did not disclose a cause of death. This news [...]

New Tax Laws Will Hit Lehman Students Hard

By Thomas Behnke on 1/31/18

“It’s not fair,” Erica Mejia, a Lehman senior, said. “My family made just too much [for me] to qualify for aid, so it’s all on me. It’s bad enough we have to go into debt to get an education. Now even the little breaks are being taken away.” Mejia was lamenting the [...]

Bronx Success Story Ends In Tragedy

By Zoe Fanzo on 1/31/18

“He was the quintessential Lehman student -- determined and dedicated to his family and community,” President José Luis Cruz said in a statement mourning the loss of Lowell Hawthorne, founder and CEO of Golden Krust Bakery & Grill, and [...]

Lehman Students Anguished By Libyan Slave Trade

By Shaiann Frazier on 1/31/18

“As an African, I feel those who have been taken into slavery are my brothers and sisters,” said Felix Mwake, 32, a teacher at Lehman’s Child Care Center. Mwake, who was born and raised in Kenya, was referring to the slave trade in Libya, where [...]

Two Back-To-Back Fires Rip Bronx Residents From Their Homes

By Leonel Henriquez on 1/31/18

2017 ended in flames for tenants of two Bronx buildings that caught fire within 48 hours of one another. The first fire, in the Norwood section of the Bronx, saw an entire building evacuated. Thirty-seven families were displaced after the [...]

Bronx Residents Disagree On Amazon HQ Bid

By Zoe Fanzo on 11/30/17

“An Amazon headquarters in the Bronx will drive out native Bronxites,” Bronx resident and Hunter College freshman Andrew Shkreli told the Meridian. Shkreli opposes the call from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and [...]

New Yorkers Re-Elect Mayor, Reject Constitutional Convention

By Thomas Behnke 11/30/17

“I knew de Blasio was going to win, but I think the convention vote was a missed opportunity. Lehman freshman Jasmin Delgado said when asked about the recent mayoral election results. The vote on the Constitutional Convention [...]

President Cruz Starts Campus Renovation

By Leonel Henriquez on 11/30/17

When Lehman President José Luis Cruz cut the ribbon at the Lehman Performing Arts Center renovation last week, it marked the start of a host of capital improvements slated for 2018.  Next year will see the [...]

Christopher Columbus Inspires Parades, Protests, And Vandalism

By Thomas Behnke on 10/29/17

Contemporary protests of Columbus Day decry how Christopher Columbus oppressed the indigenous peoples of the Americas, as did the wave of Europeans that followed in his wake.  Following the recent demands [...]

Hurricanes Hit US As White House Keeps Pushing Climate Change Denial

By Deirdre Fanzo on 10/29/17

On Oct. 23, Nicaragua announced it would join the Paris Agreement, a global pact to combat climate change, leaving the U.S. and Syria as the lone holdouts from the accord. The statement came five weeks after the [...]

KKK Attempts To Recruit Lehman Students

By Eileen Sepulveda on 10/29/17

On Sept. 29, the Meridian received a letter from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Addressed to the editor, the letter stated that the KKK was under “extreme fire for being a hate group.” This characterization [...]

After Charlottesville Lehman Students Want An End To Racist Violence

By Zayna Palmer on 09/22/17

Following racist violence at a white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville Va. that led to the killing of one protestor, Lehman students feel endangered by this event because they do not feel safe. Students are terrified [...]

Lehman Community Disagrees Over Puerto Rico’s Bid For Statehood

By Shaiann Frazier on 09/22/17

In June of 2017, 97 percent of Puerto Ricans voted in favor of making the commonwealth of 3.4 million America’s 51st state. While they wait to see whether Congress will pass a statute admitting the new state, many Lehman students with ties to the island remain [...]

Dreamers In Limbo: White House Rescinds DACA

By Thomas Behnke on 09/22/17

On Sept. 5, the White House issued a statement through Attorney General Jeff Sessions that it was formally rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The policy, introduced by President Obama in 2012, allowed undocumented immigrant minors [...]

Lehman Undergrads Showcase Activism Through Academia

By Jean Carlos Soto on 04/01/17

The Activism in Academia Symposium, held on April 7 at the Segal Theater of the CUNY Graduate Center, offered academics and selected students from across CUNY an opportunity to discuss and present work that challenged what Lehman English professor Olivia Moy called [...]

May Day Protest Attempts To Spark Change

By Juan Vasquez on 04/01/17

Cries of “No borders! No nations! No more deportations!” echoed through the Lehman quad as a protest organized by the International Socialist Organization and the Lehman D.R.E.A.M. Team fought for sanctuary campuses. Official sanctuary status would mean [...]