Lehman's Underground Tunnels Intrigue Students

By Lysa Vanible

The tunnels beneath Lehman College have withstood close to nine decades to transform the way people navigate the campus terrain. Built in 1931 during construction of what was then the Hunter College Bronx campus, the tunnels extend for a length of 1230 linear feet, or 0.23 miles. They connect the Music building to the Old Gym, as well as Carman, Davis, Gillet, Shuster, and the Science Hall. 

Suhkrat Marmolejos, a 22-year-old sophomore Computer Science major, said “I walk the tunnels to explore the campus before the beginning of the semester to understand my options and surroundings.”

A preview of the connection between Davis Hall and the Old Gym, underground.

A preview of the connection between Davis Hall and the Old Gym, underground.


Student art covers the landscape displayed on the walls connecting the Fine Arts and Shuster Hall buildings, which reaches further facilities as well.


The intersection leading North between Shuster and Science Hall is where Sociology major, Angie Rosado, 25 said, “ I use the tunnels during inclement weather to help me get to class on time. It’s easier to navigate with less people. My friends hardly use them because they don’t know about them. It took me two semesters before I knew about them.”

The image shows what is known as the only crossroad within the tunnels, which provides accessibility for handicapped and individuals with special needs, and that leads outside campus between Davis, Science and Shuster Hall.


Students and faculty are presented with an artistic retreat in nature. At the interval along the underground where Shuster is adjacent to Fine Arts are double doors that lead to an outside platform of industrial art.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 6.27.46 PM.png

Art along the walls outside of Fine Arts are thesis projects done by students.